Hey!  Glad you clicked a link somewhere and found this site!  Hope you’ll take a look around, read a few things, and if you like, keep checking back from time to time.

My name is Craig Meek, and this blog is a project I’ve been wanting to put together for a number of years now.  I work as a psychiatric physician in central Kentucky, and one of my passions is thinking about how we tick as human beings in a big and harried world.  I also love thinking about the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow … but that is neither here nor there in this case.

I believe strongly that knowledge is one of several keys to better living, and I’m anxious to have more of it myself.  I’ve found that reflecting, writing, and teaching others helps me to crystallize my thoughts and knowledge in more clear and complete ways.  As I always love learning more about life and how to live it, mental health, and spirituality, I’m wanting to put some thoughts about all three out there and see what develops.  As you’ll see, I think, too, that there is much misinformation and misguided thinking in our world, especially in popular media and even among mental health professionals ourselves, and if I can help to clear some of this up, maybe a few people will be helped.

If you happen to disagree with anything you read in one of my posts, or if something seems unclear, please feel welcome to comment about it after the post, and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.




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